The Templar Assault of the title refers to your squad of templars, a group of four warriors in huge mech suits. You take control of the commanding officer, name him, and then proceed to lead your squad through various boards fighting the vicious xenomorphs. This game is very numbers and statistic heavy. You only have a certain amount of ability points to use each turn, which you’ll need to move, shoot enemies, or even just to pivot your massive mech behind around.

There are various strategies to employ, such as having squad members move down a hallway back to back so that you can fire in both directions at all times. There’s a great variety of missions to complete, from wave survival missions to escape missions or extermination missions. Each of these is accompanied by story told through mission briefings and in game dialogue. It’s pretty standard sci-fi stuff, but I rather enjoyed it. After a successful mission, you’ll earn skill points and currency. You can increase things like armor, range, and movement speed, and you can purchase all sorts of equipment to equip your squad with. Your squad is fully named, and they all have to survive most of the missions, so running and gunning is off limits.

The art, sound effects, and music are all very minimalist and simple, but there’s nothing really wrong with that. It may look kind of boring, but it’s still pretty fun to play. It’s a game meant to appeal to old school table top gamers and role-players. The kind of strategic gamer who’s into statistics and strategy. If that doesn’t’ sound like you, you’ll probably find this game to be quite boring. Either way, you can download it for two dollars, or you can try out the free version of the game if you’re feeling curious.

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