TeamViewer is a non-marketplace app attempting to bring your desktop to you wherever you are. Android phones are great devices to have when you need to access your computer on the go, and there are plenty of times when you might need a quick look at a file located on your computer, close out of a program you accidentally left running, or just shutdown.

While there are many different programs you could use do accomplish one of these tasks, only a true remote desktop application like TeamViewer will give you the complete control to manipulate your computer from virtually anywhere with an Internet connection.

The app is fairly simple to set up and in no time I was looking through my folders. The app sets up using your TeamViewer client on your PC or Mac. The controls are fairly simple: sliding across the screen will move the mouse, and tapping will click. One really nice feature that was missing was the ability to hear all the sound coming from the PC connected. There was support for dual monitors, which should please those of you who need screen space.

Overall, this was a good client and definitely one of the best in my opinion. Check it out.