Like Diversion, this is an auto-scrolling one-touch platformer. As you run, hitting the screen will make you jump, while holding the screen will have you flying at an upward angle. Rather than make a bunch of pre-set levels, here the levels are randomized, and each gives you a few specific goals to work towards. The goals are usually ridiculous heroic antics, such as punting old ladies across the street, getting coffee to tired commuters, and so on. Each section of levels does culminate in a ridiculous boss fight against a silly villain. As you complete goals, you’ll level up and unlock new levels. It is possible to grind experience out on earlier levels, or to get ahead in experience if you don’t complete tasks too quickly.

The way you’re game sessions are limited is by your special magic meteor energy level, or whatever. As you play your power level is constantly draining, and hitting obstacles makes you lose big chunks of energy. But you can lengthen your sessions by collecting the blue meteor fragments that litter the levels. These keep the game from being just another endless runner, but plenty of endless runner tropes make an appearance: coin magnets, speed boosts, double value coins, among many others. Still, the design makes these all too familiar upgrades behave a bit differently than you’re used to. There aren’t as many things to unlock as in Diversion, but there are a few, such as heroes with altered stats. All in all, Team Awesome is a fairly awesome runner. You can currently download the full version for one dollar, or try the free version instead.

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