The app is a music game similar to Guitar Hero where you will be tapping along to various songs and trying to match the different bubbles. The concept isn’t anything new the gaming world, but the large selling point for this app is that it’s free.

The game comes with a few tracks to play through and lets you earn credits to unlock new songs. As you play through the songs on various difficulties, your avatar can level-up which will earn you a higher ranking in the community as well as some possible points. The game comes with a multiplayer option built-in which offered some pretty fun times challenging people to see who could get a higher score.

One major disappointment in the game was the sometimes confusing layout of the app and the always-present advertising. There was so much going on in the menus that the game really felt more like one giant advertisement.

Overall, it’s still a fun experience. I wouldn’t consider it better than some other popular apps in the Android Market but the free price is really hard to ignore.

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