The game most reminds me of the old school Sim Theme Park. You set up an island resort–as you add restaurants and attractions, and generally class up the place, more and more people visit your island resort. You have to keep improving it to keep people happy though, as they are self-centered individuals who can’t be happy with what they have, and thus the game play is born. The attractions are split into entertainment, restaurants, lodging, and luxury items. The first three are businesses that earn you money and can be upgraded, while luxury items are basically decorations. Every time customers visit a location, the player gets some money. This is your only way to make money throughout the game.

Leaving the game and coming back several hours later will result in hundreds of coins to collect. It’s then up to you to wisely redistribute those coins into upgrades or new structures. In order to level up and keep customers happy, you need to fulfill a certain point value in each of the attraction categories. Eventually, new and bigger islands are unlocked for your enjoyment. Other than the silver that makes up your main currency, you’ll also get to spend a limited amount of golden sea shells. You only get them when you level up or perform other specific tasks. You use these to buy the rare and special items. Every day a new item is added to the game and featured for just that day, like my baby dinosaur there.

The art and sound are simple, colorful, and can be rather relaxing. The only real downside is how very long it takes to build up your funds. Everything is very highly priced in this game, and you have to keep coming back for weeks to make any real progress. The app also force closed on me just a few times too many. Otherwise, it’s a great little casual title for anyone who likes these kinds of game and it’s totally free. Check it out.Download the free Appolicious Android app