I used to own a Gameboy and one of my most favorite games to play on it was Battlezone. The game featured geometrical shapes signifying tanks, trees, and more. Your job was to defeat all the tanks in the round by driving yours through the landscape. It was a fairly simple shooter that grew more difficult as you played. Tanks! is a simple tribute to that classic game. By simple, I mean there really isn’t much to it at all.

When you start up the game you are presented with a few options. You can select from three different difficulties and select from two different control schemes. The default control scheme was a little confusing at first, but eventually added to the challenge. Otherwise you can switch to a joystick and make your life easy.

The game wasn’t too hard to play especially when I found out I could just rapid fire the turret. The graphics looked wonderful on the device, but if I had to choose between this app and another, I’d say the paid version isn’t really worth the cost. Definitely grab the free version and try it out.