I have always liked arena-style games and one of the most fun I’ve played recently was the tanks mini-game on the Wii. Tank Hero is a simple app for Android that pretty much emulates the popular game for your mobile device. The app comes with a large amount of control schemes to choose from and then throws you into the fray.

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You can choose to play through a campaign mode or just see how long you can stay alive in the survival mode. The game played great and ran wonderfully smooth on my Nexus One. The early levels weren’t anything too hard to get through but like most games, it gets harder as you play.

The game was missing a lot of variation in gameplay and sadly, there was no multiplayer available at the time of this review. The developers have stated they plan on updating the app regularly to bring more content, so hopefully we’ll see some great new features added. It’s free in the Android Market so definitely check it out.

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