Nowadays, it seems as if the Android Market is full of random apps that will repeat your voice with some weird effect on it. From the ever-popular Talking Carl to more recent editions, there is never a lull in production. The latest to grace the Market is Talking Rex the Dinosaur.

This app features a talking T-Rex who will repeat your every word in his low voice. Curious as to why this seemingly simple app would be downloaded so much, I tried it out. My conclusion: people are idiots.

This app is absolutely awful. Not only does the novelty of hearing your own voice wear out, the app itself attempts to offer other ways to entertain, and fails miserably. The graphics framerate is terrible and the actions are painfully boring to watch. You can record a clip of your T-Rex repeating what you say, but that is still not worth the ridiculous price asked.

For those of you who downloaded it already, what in the world were you thinking? I hope this review can help some of you avoid the large mistake of thinking this app is good just because it is in the Android Market. Avoid it at all costs, and you will never have to know what wasting money feels like.