Sweep is a simple game that has you tossing poker chips at one another in attempt to knock out all but one. The concept is nothing special but the app offers quite a few levels to play and could keep you busy for a while. In fact, there are 999 Levels to play through, each varying in difficulty.

There wasn’t much more to the game than the basics. Slide your finger to throw a chip into  another chip in it’s row or column. The chip hits the other sending it off the screen and bringing you one step closer to your goal. After a few levels that introduced the gameplay, it actually began to get a little difficult but never became too much to handle. The game is offered for free in the Android market and because of that reason I can’t really say it isn’t worth trying. It got old after a while though and definitely won’t be an app I’m keeping on my phone. Still, some of you may find this app to provide a riveting experience. Check it out.