The game consists of several trick runs down very short courses. Zipping between flags for extra time and pulling off crazy mid-air combos are pretty much all you’ll be doing. Depending on how well you do, you’ll be awarded a bronze, silver, or gold medal, for up to three medal points. These medal points are required to unlock new courses and tracks. You’ll also receive cash, which can be used to buy new boards and trick variations to help you with that score.

The controls are very unique, and while they don’t always work very well, it’s relieving that they didn’t just shoehorn a console controller scheme into the game. Steering is handled with two sliders on opposite sides of the screen. Letting go of these sliders results in a jump, and what position your fingers are in upon letting go will determine what kind of jump you do. Once you’re in the air, you can grab your board in a variety of ways using the six buttons that pop up. New combinations are purchased using cash. The sliders can be hard to control properly, and they’ll often slip out of your hand, which can easily ruin your current run. They controls are difficult to use at first, but you mostly get used to them.

The HD graphics are simple but very well done. You can toggle extra high quality graphics, though they don’t do much other than smooth a few surfaces out while adding snowy particle effects. The game is fun to play, but it doesn’t take long to crash into the massive difficulty wall. You’ll end up grinding out any cash you can, though the game clearly wants you to buy their in-app purchase cash to get ahead. The game is listed as free, but you’re really only downloading a short demo of the game. To unlock the full game, you’ll have to give up five dollars. While I like this concept, there isn’t enough variety to the gameplay and the experience is generally lacking too much polish for me to recommend the upgrade. Everyone can download the free version and try this game out for themselves, though.