Android App Video Review: Strike Knight

May 11, 2012

Strike Knight is a simple new arcade game from Backflip Studios, of Ninjump and Paper Toss fame. It’s essentially a table-top bowling game. There really isn’t very much to the app, and it could use some more features, but it’s a solid time waster and more fun than I thought it would be. It’s definitely worth picking up just to check out.

The developers describe the app as a shuffle puck bowling game. It’s just like bowling in many ways, but you’re sliding a puck towards the pins instead of hurling a ball. The game also involves a timing aspect. Depending on when you launch the puck in accordance with the scrolling lights, your hits will be worth different point values, with an 800-point strike being the highest. Each strike score is paired with a lower spare score, and if you fail to get a spare then whatever pins you did hit will make a paltry addition to your total score.

Strike Knight Android App Review –

Today: An interesting take on bowling from Backflip Studios. A review of Strike Knight by App: Strike Knight Price: Free The price depicted is at the time of this review, and could easily be changed.

The graphics are pretty well done, with the Strike Knight himself heckling your failures. Plus there’s lot of well-done ambient conversation and crowd noises as if you’re really in a restaurant or bar. There are quite a few issues with this app, though. The physics seem really wonky, and sometimes your puck will hit pins that are nowhere near it. It can be distracting. There are in-game achievements, but no online leaderboards, which I feel would have fit perfectly. There is at least a pass-and-play multiplayer mode for some competition. This is basically a simple and fun time waster akin to Glow Hockey and similar titles; great to pass time while waiting in line at Six Flags or when you’re stuck in a waiting room, but not very compelling otherwise. You’ll be surprised by how addicting it can be to go for a perfect game in single player, though. Since the app is completely free, you might as well give it a download.

Knight Strike: Knightfall
Knight Strike: Knightfall
Developer: PHL Collective
Price: Free+
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