Stellar Escape puts you in the space boots of Elliot Black, a courier in the beta sector. After learning your most recently delivered package will be used for evil, you steal that thing back and run for it. You must now escape your pursuers, dodging obstacles along the way, as you try to reach your ship, or something.

The game has you constantly running to the right, with five buttons to push depending on the obstacle you encounter. You can jump over hurdles, slide under hanging walls, dive through openings, climb across a hanging bar, or jump into a tube. The tubes act as shortcuts, letting you skip good chunks of the level before spitting you back into harm’s way. There are also moving obstacles that require you to think on the fly. It can take a while to get used to the controls since there are five buttons, but you get the hang of it eventually. The game is still really difficult though, due to the very precise timing needed to clear each obstacle. The levels get more and more crowded with harder and harder obstacles as you go.

The controls seem a bit off as well. There were several times I could have sworn I had hit a button only to crash and burn, and other times that the virtual buttons would actually stick, forcing my character to dive repeatedly for no reason. Those setbacks did not occur very often though, and the game was mostly difficult for the right reasons. The game also features an endless mode with two difficulties: rookie and veteran.

The game looks and sounds pretty good, and is definitely worth checking out. There is OpenFeint achievement and leaderboard support here as well, so you can compete with the world. This app will cost you just over a dollar, which is a good value for what you get. Check this one out.Download the free Appolicious Android app