The point of the game is to guide a ball using your phone’s accelerometer towards the goal by solving simple puzzles and staying balanced on the path. The player will utilize tilt to control the ball on the screen. Throughout the game, there are various objects that affect the ball with the most common being the color-change platforms. These platforms will alter the ball’s color which will in turn allow the player to access areas normally blocked.

The game comes with a pack of preset levels to play through, but the real depth of the game comes from creating your own levels and downloading levels created by others. The game has a basic level editor that will let you create your own puzzles and share them with the world.

The game’s graphics were pretty sharp when compared to other Android apps but the game seemed to be lacking in sound effects with only a few sounds for certain actions. One large complaint I had with the game is how, after finishing a level, I am required to return to the main menu and select a level instead of being able to go to the next one.

The price of the game was pretty cheap but for those of you looking for cheaper, there is a free, ad-supported game available. I would suggest grabbing that before downloading the full-version.

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