The game is basically an endless runner. You constantly move to the right, avoiding enemies and obstacles while collecting orbs and power-ups. Swiping vertically along the left side of the screen controls your ship while tapping anywhere on the right side of the screen will shoot your cannon wherever you tap. Once you run out of shields and health, it’s game over. When you first start, your ship is weak and you likely won’t get very far. Luckily, all the orbs you collect can be used to upgrade your ship’s shield strength, hull integrity, or fire power.

As you play, there will plenty of power-ups to collect. Boosters will allow you to zoom through the game while invulnerable. Randomized bonus slot machines will give you extra orbs, health, ammo, and shields. Best of all, you can go into mega laser mode, which turns your regular cannon into a destructive laser beam. Everything this laser beam destroys turn into orbs and are automatically collected. As you upgrade your ship and get farther each round, it only gets more addicting.

The simple 2D art is nice and clean looking, and there are some cool colors and effects used. The soundtrack is made up of retro chip-tunes, and is excellent. OpenFeint leaderboards are also supported, so have fun competing with your friends. While the game is indeed free, there is a one dollar if you want to support these developers. Definitely give the free version a try, it’s a blasty-blast.