You choose between three classes and a few different hair and face choices, and are instantly thrust into action. The ship you’re on is raided by pirates, and you have to defend it. You spend the whole game going to different places and fighting off all the baddies, it’s not really story heavy. Moving between areas is fast, and it’s easy to jump right into an instance with people.

You can control your character with a virtual stick or by tapping the ground, and you control the camera through swiping. The combat is simple and fantastic. You have your main auto-attack and several abilities, as well as stimpacks and power charges which act as your health and ability potions. The game is most fun when played with a group, even if it’s a group of randoms. Things can get really chaotic and awesome. It’s good to have a full team with every class as well, because each class is useful in a variety of ways. Engineers can fix and open broken doors, for example, leading to more enemies, loot, and general content. Everyone in an instance shares experience and gets shares of loot, so you don’t have to worry about ninjas. The community for this game has been nothing but great as far as I’ve seen. I haven’t had to deal with any trolls, and everyone has been friendly and cooperative.

All the gameplay features of any classic MMO are here; chatting, emoticons, dancing, maps, quest logs, guilds, crafting, auction houses, shops, etc. Your base of operations is always teeming with life as players zip around to the various services. The simple graphics are great, as is everything else. This is a completely free game, but if you want, you can purchase a special currency called platinum. You use platinum to buy all the luxury things, like extra character slots or experience boosts, etc, etc. There are ways to earn free platinum too. The game is still completely playable without any in-app purchases though. Definitely give this one a look. Download the free Appolicious Android app