As Spider Jack, you tap on various pegs in the environment and launch a rope of web to it. After attaching a string of web to a peg, Jack will automatically climb towards the peg. Using this mechanics, you swing from peg to peg like Spider-Man, avoiding hazards and collecting stars before reaching your meal. There are usually three stars per level, though there can be more. If you’ve played Cut the Rope, this one will come fairly naturally to you, and mechanics like bubbles and air blowing hair dryers will seem that much more familiar. There are currently three areas (the barn, bathroom, and laboratory) with more promised in future updates.

The art style creates the same cute whimsy we’ve come to expect from these games. The backgrounds are very well drawn, but they strangely make use of parallax scrolling. The backgrounds scroll as you move, but all the gameplay elements stay in the same place. The effect is very strange, and I don’t know why they included it. The music is heavily inspired by Cut the Rope just like the rest of the game. The reversal of roles is enough to give the game some of its own identity, and it’s more than just a blatant clone, but it can be hard not to notice the recycled mechanics. The game can be yours for just one dollar. If you like Cut the Rope, or physics puzzlers in general, go ahead and pick this one up, it’s a very solid game.