In the game, you play as one of two fish, Speedy and Windy, as you try to protect the sponges in your neck of the ocean from being devoured by horrible pollution blobs. Each level is basically several ring shaped tracks laid on top of one another, with intersecting points creating path connections. You touch the screen to make your fish speed around a ring, and tap on any of the intersections to open them and transfer to a new ring. You simply have to navigate the path so that you can take out the blobs from all sides and protect your sponges. If there are no blobs to take care of, your downtime is spent spinning around a sponge, restoring its health and making it grow. One fish spins faster while the other heals faster.

The premise and basic gameplay mechanics are sound, but the overly sensitive controls make this game more frustrating than anything. It’s easy to accidentally activate intersections you never meant to, throwing you off course. This happens constantly and can ruin your game. Especially once shielded blobs show up, protected from one side. It becomes too needlessly complicated to maneuver.

The simple art style is pleasant enough to look at. There are bonuses to unlock, including an aquarium which you can fill with lots of fish. The game isn’t really bad, it just seems kind of pointless. Like it’s only good for when you have nothing better to do. It is completely free, so go ahead and check it out if you please.Download the free Appolicious Android app