I haven’t gotten the chance to see many tunnel games for the Android platform and to my knowledge, there has only been one significant one to date. At least until I found Speedx 3D.

This is basically a small arcade game thrown into an app that works perfectly with your phone’s accelerometer. Your goal as the player is to use your device’s tilt function to dodge the different blocks and pipes along the way. The maps changes colors to warn you of incoming pieces, although it will occasionally throw you for a loop and change color schemes. Throughout the levels there are different plates you can hit that will generate a shield of some sort. You can hold up to three shields before you will ultimately need to rely on your quick reaction times.

I originally thought this game was going to be extremely easy, but it turned out to be anything but. It was challenging and had enough variety to make me keep coming back for more. If you like reaction games, this is one of the best in gameplay, graphics, and sound on Android. Check it out.