Soundhound has definitely grown over the past year into a force to be reckoned with. It started out as a simple app that could do very little and was easily surpassed by the behemoth of an app Shazam. But unlike Shazam, Soundhound’s creators kept plugging away adding some serious new features and most recently, a polished Android app.

This app seems to have literally thought of it all. For starters, the app does what you would expect, it listens to songs and spits out the title, artist, and a little synopsis. But that’s about where the similarities end and the innovation begins.

The app can understand your own voice, whether you are humming or singing and finds a match for you. Once you find a song, the app with immediately bring up options to find lyrics, watch a YouTube video right in the description, view similar artists, and of course buy the song.

The app is available for free in the Android Market but the free version only allows for 5 tags per month. To get more, it will cost you or you can purchase an unlimited amount in-app. Check it out.