Similar to games like Bejeweled, the player must rotate a set of three smileys to form three of the same colors in a row. This is done by selecting the three, tapping them in the direction you would like them to rotate, or tracing a shape around them. The gameplay is pretty smooth throughout the game and almost always performed the action I was attempting.

The game comes with three different modes to play through. There is the classic mode which utilizes the progress bar to limit the amount of moves you have, the time attack mode which gives you limited time to complete moves, and the freestyle mode which gives players the chance to enjoy a limitless game.

While the game offered some entertaining animations and good sound, it grew very monotonous quickly. Each game mode struggled to feel different from the next and after a while, I grew bored. The game is offered in the Android Market in both a free, ad-supported version and the paid version without the ads. I definitely recommend trying the Download the free Appolicious Android app