The game still doesn’t even compare to Plants vs. Zombies, with far worse balance and pacing and a lack of variety, but it’s fairly charming and simple and mostly inoffensive, Slime vs. Mushroom 2 is a simple, lane based tower defense game. You place defensive and offensive towers in each lane, as well as resource gathering towers that allow you to continue building, and proceed to fight off an onslaught of violent and apparently angry little mushroom people. As you play, you’ll be able to pick up and earn crystals which are then used to buy new towers or upgrade your current ones. My main problem with this game is the total lack of a decent pace. Each stage takes quite a while to get through, which is fine, but then the next several stages are virtually the same. You can just employ the same basic tactics every single level and win, with new towers becoming available extremely infrequently. It’s all very repetitive and redundant.

The crystal system makes things even worse. Not only will it take you forever to save up for very basic towers, but some units such as the bomb, come in limited quantities and must be purchased again and again if wanted. On top of all that, they aren’t even guaranteed to kill everything around them. All of this is put in place to tempt you into getting the in-app purchase crystal packs, but it’s not worth it. You could argue that the game has a lot of content with its many, many levels, but you could probably cut over half of those levels away and the game wouldn’t be significantly changed.

The cute pixel art characters are an improvement over the first game, even if I hate how every enemy looks so similar and bland, offering very little variety in mechanics or aesthetics. The music is pretty well done too. This game can definitely be enjoyable, but when you compare it to the game that it’s blatantly copying, it doesn’t even compare. The design is just too sloppy. Still, the game is totally free, so you might as well check it out if you’re hankering for some Plants vs. Zombies without any of the plants or zombies.

[appbox googleplay com.westriversw.SvsM2]