Slice It! is the newest game from Com2Us which employs more of a casual experience than the usual hardcore gamer app. This new app offers a level-based set of challenges that will test your geometry skills and reward smart thinking.

The goal of the game is to slice the different shapes into the required number of pieces by drawing lines across the shape. Each shape needs to be as close to equal in size and the player can only use a set number of slices.

The game, like most of this type, starts out very simple and easy. It doesn’t take much to complete the early puzzles but as you go on, it becomes much harder to figure them out. This is where hints come in. If you do particularly well on a puzzle, you have the possibility of earning a hint point. These can be used to figure out particularly tough puzzles by drawing a guide line for you.

Overall, the gameplay was smooth and the graphics were fun. I did run into an issue where a line would draw even though I pulled back, but thankfully there is an undo button included. Check it out.