Android App Video Review: Sleepy Jack

Dec 5, 2011
Video Review

Sleepy Jack is the latest and greatest from Silvertree Media, who also brought us the excellent Cordy. This is an imaginative and fun title in which you help a sleeping boy named Jack navigate his dreams each night. The visuals are sharp and colorful and the gameplay is simple yet challenging.

Every night, Jack goes to sleep and dreams about the various toys in his room, including: robots, lizards, eagles and more. Even Cordy makes an appearance, making me believe that entire game was taking place in this boy’s head. The various toys take the form of enemies and obstacles, and it’s up to you to shoot and dodge your way through the night. The game has you flying as Jack in full-pipe tube shaped levels as you fly in circles to dodge hazards, pull off barrel rolls, and collect items. Jack is equipped with a ray gun as well as several other creative weapons, from sheriff badge throwing stars to pinwheels, lasers, and rocket launchers. He’ll also pick up various bombs that can freeze enemies and their bullets or clear all immediate obstacles from your path.

In each level, there will be plenty of collectible Z’s to pick up. Each level is rated out of three stars based on the amount of Z’s you collect and how quickly you complete the level. The only way to get a perfect night’s sleep is by catching enough Z’s in as little time as possible, just like real life. There are also music-based levels, in which collecting musical notes is the only way to win. Failing to collect notes will cause you to slow down and take damage until you wake up. These levels help mix things up, and keep the game feeling fresh. Each of the three worlds and bonus world are based on different themes, from outer space to the old west, and eventually under the sea. Each level comes with its own unique items, enemies, and obstacles, and there’s always something new around the corner. These worlds are concluded with a boss fight of some kind, of course.

The graphics are very well done and full of color, though Jack can be a very creepy boy at times, and the sound design is pretty good too. There are three control options to choose from; buttons, touch, and tilt. The slider touch controls were by far the best, giving you the most precise control. Getting three stars on a level can prove to be quite challenging, and seemingly unfair at times, but the game is still fun overall. Unfortunately, the game is pretty buggy. It crashed on me three times now, and one of those crashes wiped out my save data. OpenFeint achievements and leaderboards are supported, and the game can be yours for two dollars. Download the free Appolicious Android app

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