Like Falling Fred and even more so Running Fred before it, Skiing Fred is fast paced, inventive, and fun. There is more of a focus on collectibles and power-ups. ‘Skullies’ make a return as the main coin currency for buying upgrades and costume pieces. There is more of a focus than ever on cool upgrades though. From a snowmobile to a jetpack, to warp gates, and even turning into a giant snowball or being carried by a pterodactyl. You’ll also smack around penguins and indigenous folk while collecting fruit for score bonuses.

The commonly seen rotating mission objective system also shows up. As you fulfill certain objectives by making certain distances or collecting coins or power-ups or whatever, you’ll gain stars and level up. Leveling up does let you unlock additional content like higher difficulty levels. Another great addition are the random danger events. Blizzards, meteor storms, lightning storms and more will randomly try to wreck your day, and they each have tiers of difficulty to them as well.

If you want to connect to your Google Play profile, you can unlock various achievements and take part in huge online challenge missions, which is always fun. The only real complaints I can levy against this game are in my dislike of the freemium elements and premium gem currency. I understand the need to make some coinage back, but I feel like too much of the game is hidden behind the pay wall. You can’t even unlock another area without forking over loads of gems as far as I can tell. Though, there are free ways to earn gems. if you’re burnt out on endless runners, the cool snowboard based controls and over the top gore and power-ups should at least provide some novelty. Either way, the game is totally free, and solid across the board.

[appbox googleplay com.dedalordnorth.skiingfred]