I would never associate the Android platform with drawing or artistic expression, but there’s a newer app that offers some of the most amazing tools for the devices out there. SketchBook Mobile is a full-featured app for Android phones that brings a true drawing experience to your phone.

The app brings true artistic expression to your device by giving you access to all kinds of brushes, layers, workflow controls, and it even includes a full color palette to work with. The interface is designed in a way that makes it simple to draw what’s in your head quickly and efficiently. This app is definitely the most detailed drawing app available in the Android market to date and it only cost a fraction of what I would have expected to pay. If you have always desired to have a quick sketchpad on you at all times, this app is ready to answer the challenge.

Definitely check this one out. It gives you the power to draw what you would like at any moment and save it for the world to see.