The main campaign involves you defending the sheep of your kingdom from roves of hungry, hungry lizards. The various characters and dialogue is actually hilarious most of the time, and the story is just what it needs to be. Placing your towers along a grid, you’ll try to cordon off the lizards, creating the longest, most painful pathway possible to your actual base, often in a zig-zag, maze-like fashion. We’ve got attack towers, slowing towers, area of effect damage towers, and all the rest. There really isn’t very much we haven’t seen already here, though there is enough variety to make you feel like you’ve got some real strategic options when picking what towers you bring into battle.

You can trust me when I wrap up the main game by saying that it’s just a really, very good, yet standard, tower defense game. Let’s talk about the multiplayer, which is much more interesting. The goal is to wipe your opponent off of a small map, with each of you starting with one territory on opposite sides. In the middle, there are neutral lizard territories to conquer. You’ll constantly build up your defenses in each territory, or map, as you defend against lizards and such. However, the added territory conquering game adds a lot of nuance. You’ll have to manage your resources, ensuring your defenses are up to par so that you can safely conquer the map. Each territory grants you one special move per turn, such as mining for gold or building a barracks.

With the great visuals, personality filled characters and world, and interesting take on tower defense multiplayer, this is one of my favorite new games. It’s not perfect. There are some bugs and questionable AI decisions, and the game is really very short. But that being said, I’d definitely recommend people check it out. You can grab Siegecraft Defender for three dollars at the time of this review.

[appbox googleplay com.crescentmoongames.siegecraftdefender]