As the only adult pumpkin in the pumpkin patch, it’s up to you to protect the younglings from the nasty birds that seek to eat them. You do this with your trusty crossbow, swiping back to aim and letting go to fire. As you shoot down birds, often skewering two or three on a single arrow, you’ll get even more arrows in return. Once you run out of arrows or let all the children get taken, it’s game over for you. If your aim is true, however, and every arrow you fire meets its mark, you’ll eventually go into a berserker rage mode, which really just makes the screen get all funky while arrows dissolve their enemies somehow. This only lasts as long as your aim is perfect.

Like any good casual title on a mobile device, there is a simple mission structure that leads to ever increasing multipliers. These include shooting a certain number of birds, staying in rage mode for so many seconds, etc. You’ll also save up coins as you play and shoot the bonus skull birds, which you can take into the Grave Store to buy permanent upgrades, one time use power-ups, or special costumes. These include extra arrows and pumpkin kids or a time freezing ability, and more.

The horrific new zombie visuals ironically breathe new life into the game by adding tons of color and variety, and it’s much more befitting of pumpkin patch themed game. All the new art assets and sounds are well done and awesome. For more competitive people, OpenFeint leaderboards are also supported. Your progress in the game can feel a bit slow, and you’ll probably get sick of this game after a few sessions, but at zero dollars to download, you might as well give it a shot. Overall, it’s a pretty awesome title.

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