In the game, you play as a simple ball of light wandering around a cave. Touching the surface of the cave results in death. As you proceed through, you come across more perilous tunnels and some gateway puzzles. The game is simple, and also exceedingly short. Only nine levels are included in this first chapter, though more chapters are promised to be released very soon. You can easily get through this game in five to 10 minutes.

The independent nature of the game is apparent in the lack of polish. The controls are extremely glitchy on my Nexus One, and my character often jumps all over the screen to his death. This issue does not seem to be occurring for everyone, though, so there is a chance it will work smoothly on your device. The other big issue with the game is the advertisements. In between every single level, some of which only take a few seconds to complete, you are interrupted by 30 second video ads. Strangely enough, on my second play-through, I only encountered three advertisements throughout the whole game.

I really like the general idea and the style of the game. The art is clearly inspired by games such as Limbo and Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet, which wonderfully make use of dark against light and contrasting scenery. The sound design helps create the mysterious and dreary atmosphere the developer was going for. This is a solid game for having been made by one person, and there’s no harm in trying it out since it’s completely free. Just don’t expect a lot of content, and be ready to deal with the horrible ads. The developer has been consistently fixing Shadow Cave through updates, so I have hope that it will improve and reach its potential.

[appbox googleplay com.artbit.speck]