If you’ve ever had the crazy itch to listen-in on what’s going on around your area, this is the app for you. Scanner Radio brings a large amount of live radio directly to your phone.

You are able to listen in on various police stations as well as the fire department and many more. The app determines your location and shows you the stations available in your area. Most of the transmissions can be pretty fuzzy but when you get it in clear, it can be quite a riot to listen-in on what’s going on.

The app also comes with a ton of awesome features such as a 10-code list, alert settings, and even a sleep timer. All of this makes tracking local events a breeze right from your phone. You can also view some of the more popular stations such as the Chicago Police and LAPD.

Overall, this app is put together well and can be quite addicting when you start listening. The free version has ads, but the paid version removes them. If you are the type to track crimes and emergencies, this app is perfect for you. Check it out.