Android App Video Review: Run Like Hell!

Jan 10, 2012

Run Like Hell! Is a new endless runner from developer Mass Creation. It’s a fun game with decent design and nice, colorful visuals, but it also requires a lot of repetitive grinding to unlock all the available content. It is a free game, but it’s also plagued by completely obnoxious advertisements that interrupt gameplay.

You play as some random treasure hunter who gets lost on a random island. He comes across a tribe of cannibal natives who want to roast him like a Thanksgiving turkey, and he must, indeed, run like hell. As you try to make it to your boat on the opposite side of the island, you’ll have to maneuver through the hazardous terrain. You’ll have to jump over or slide under obstacles, and if you manage to pick up any adrenaline power-ups, you can give yourself a little speed boost and sprint away from the pursuing natives. The levels are lined with collectible power ups and the always important coins.

The game consists of an endless mode, time trial mode, and of course, a story mode. In each mode, you’ll run through beaches, jungles, ruins, caverns, and more. These different areas are locked until you can collect enough coins to buy your way into them. Even in the story mode, you’ll have to rack up tons of coinage to make even a little bit of progress. At least the story mode should let you progress through the entire thing unhindered, but that is not the case. This wouldn’t be so bad, but the prices are pretty high, and you don’t collect very many coins per run as it is.

Run Like Hell! Android App Review —

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The simple 2D art is well done, as are the music and sound. The game’s currency system is frustrating, but since the game is free, you can download it and see what you think anyway. The advertisements will pop up frequently, and while they are easily skipped, this is rather annoying. Still, I enjoy the concept of the game and find it fun, even though later levels seem to be a bit unfair. OpenFeint achievements and leaderboards are supported to add a competitive edge. There are better endless runners on the market, but this one is pretty enjoyable as well.

Run Like Hell!
Run Like Hell!
Developer: Mass Creation
Price: Free+
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