The game takes place in the future. Humanity is nearly extinct and machines rule the world. Your job is to hack into the machines network, node by node, until you’ve taken back the entire planet. I forget if the robots used in battle are real physical robots or just representations of data and code being hacked, but it doesn’t really matter. It’s the gameplay we’re here for.

The slot-machine based combat is split up into three categories; warfare, hacking, and powers. Warfare summons robots to do battle, hacking upgrades your defenses, and powers are direct assaults from your mainframe to the enemy’s. Each category has three symbols. If you match three symbols on an attack, you get the strongest possible version of that attack, plus an extra turn. It isn’t totally random though. You can always select which symbol comes up first as long as you time it right, but it’s easy to do. You also have specific abilities that unlock over time, such as rapid fire robot attacks or an emergency health boost. Battling a node requires energy. When you start a battle, you are gambling that amount of energy away, with the chance to lose it. If you run out of energy, you can’t battle anymore. As you make battle through the nodes, you gain experience and level up. Each time you level up, you get a coin. This coin can be inserted into your slot machine to add permanent upgrades to the 9 different symbols. You can also buy extra coins and energy from the market if you want a little boost.

The game can be pretty challenging. There is a big luck factor, and sometimes, it can screw you over. Unlike most casinos though, the odds are usually stacked in the players favor, so don’t give up if you have a couple bad matches. When the odds are in your favor though, and you get that perfect series of attacks, it feels fantastic. Just pay attention in the tutorial, and if you have any trouble, look at the games help section for a very handy and detailed guide to playing.

This game is great overall. The colorful and bold art really stands out, and is great to look at. This game would be great if it was a paid app, but it’s actually totally free. Check this one out A.S.A.P.Download the free Appolicious Android app