This is a simple game in which the goal is to help a robot fulfill his dreams of flying. Every day he tries again, inevitably plummeting back to earth. To control the bot, you simply have a thruster button, and left and right buttons. The sky is littered with enemies to avoid, as well as health, extra fuel, and diamonds to collect. Each day ends with a monetary reward based on your performance regarding height and length of flight time. There are dozens of upgrades to purchase from the store, from extra booster rockets to better fuel efficiency, and slowly but surely, you see the robot get higher and higher.

Each level of the game consists of a list of goals to hit, such as a specific height or speed. These offer even greater monetary rewards, and before you know it, your cute little robot is completely decked out and looking awesome. The art style, while not very original and totally reminiscent of a dozen other robot games, is well done and appealing. I really like the upbeat music that always plays, too. The only major flaw with the game is the occasionally unresponsive buttons, though it doesn’t happen often enough to ruin the experience. This is a very basic title that moves at a slow pace, but it’s very well done and completely free to boot. The ads you have to deal with aren’t even very distracting or annoying. Help a robot fly, today.Download the free Appolicious Android app