Robo Defense is a simple tower defense game available on Android phones. In true tower defense style, your goal is to defend your side of the screen from the onslaught of enemies by placing different towers in their path. Where you decide to set your pieces will determine the overall flow of the traffic.

There’s plenty of strategy involved, so don’t let the lower quality graphics and sound distract you. You get three different towers to place which have separate development trees for focusing on different types of enemy units. They each do different things and affect enemies differently, so you’ll need to figure out which ones are going to help you with the next wave. You can also upgrade them or sell them by tapping your finger on the tower to pull up the menu. Earn more money by killing more enemies so that you can make better towers.

The game was pretty simple, but as the levels progressed it became increasingly more difficult to stay alive. The variety of enemies and towers keeps the game fresh, but a true tower defense fan could find it a bit too repetitive.

Overall, it’s an excellent game and definitely worth a look. Check it out.