As I said, it’s all about getting away from a robbery and escaping the police in each level. The controls are kind of hard to get used to, and the physics and handling of the cars are kind of floaty and ridiculous, in a good way. In each level of the main mode, you get points for collecting coins, pulling off crazy stunts, and raising all kinds of general mayhem and panic. You can collect special power ups like boosts and shockwaves to help you fight the law… and even win. As you build up points, you reach new rating levels, measured in up to four stars. If you take too much damage and wreck, you’ll lose one of those stars completely. If you fall out of the screen, you only take a score hit, so try careening out of the screen if you think the po-po are about to ruin your day. Each new area adds something of its own, like trains and trolleys or slippery roads, and the game is fun throughout.

There is another fun mode in which you play has a semi more jacked up than Optimus Prime. You’re pretty much the Hulk if he was a car, and the goal is to cause as much needless destruction and collateral damage as possible. Who cares if people are supposedly driving all those cars! This mode was a load of fun, and a welcome change in pace from the main mode. It can be very challenging to achieve full star ratings in this game, but practice and patience will win the day.

The graphics in the game are very well done, as is the sound and music, even though they use the Mission Impossible theme for some reason. There are some leaderboards that you can post your score to if you feel competitive. This is a fun game and definitely worth the three dollar asking price. Check it out.Download the free Appolicious Android app