If any of you have ever played Space Invaders, and I suspect most of you have, you will immediately recognize the similarities found in Radiant for Android. The app almost directly takes its gameplay from the classic game and is definitely trying to take the formula and improve it.

Radiant sticks you in a space ship and begins by having you navigate an asteroid field. There are really only two controls in the game. You can fly left and right using the touchscreen, trackball, or number keys, and you can change through your weapons. Firing is handled automatically. As you progress through the levels, you will fight all different types of enemies. This is where the different weapons come in. After you finish a round, you can upgrade your weapons with the money you have collected.

Overall, the game was a little simple but had some great retro graphics and really high quality sounds. If you liked Space Invaders, you like this game a ton. Definitely check it out and see what kind of score you are able to get.