You’re supposed to be playing as a raindrop on a window collecting pearls, or some nonsense. Each level is represented by a specific year, and groups of levels are known as shelves. You have to swipe to move the drop left, right, up, and down. If you go off one side, you’ll come out at the same spot on the opposite side. Your drop will continue moving until it hits something, so it’s possible to get stuck in and endless loop and restart.

While you maneuver around each puzzle, you have to avoid spiked traps, and you must utilize push blocks, teleporters, and other various mechanics to your advantage. Every level shows you the minimum amount of moves in which you can complete it for a perfect run on that level, and if you mess up, you can always come back later and try again.

You can switch between three profiles if you want to let other people use the app. The puzzles themselves are built very well, and will definitely give your brain a bit of a workout. It can be very frustrating, as any puzzle game can be, so you can decide if that’s a pro or a con. As you play, you do earn coins which can be used to unlock hints and solutions to levels, so you always have that if you get stuck.

As I said, the art and music are done very well, and are very relaxing. It all feels very elegant and artistic, which can’t be said too often of any game, let alone a puzzle game that doesn’t make much sense. There are plenty of in game achievements to go for, and the studio is already advertising the sequel, Quell: Reflect. This is definitely a great puzzle game, and it will cost you less than two dollars to play. Check it out.