In the game, you play as a recently lobotomized patient. Your obviously completely insane doctor is putting you through these puzzles as a way of testing your recent treatment. Every level is bookmarked by a series of humorous dialogue, especially by your own character.

The puzzle gameplay involves solving puzzles by pushing blocks onto specific tiles. You can only push though, and not pull, meaning pushing a box into a corner leaves it stuck. I like how this is actually explained for once thanks to your straight jacket. By throwing the game into 3D, you can now work with multiple levels of boxes, stacking them and creating bridges. Be careful though. You can only push the top box in a stack. Should you get stuck, there is an undo move button in the top left. Most of the times that I used this button, it resulted in the move not being undone, and the entire screen locking up. The only thing I could do was use the options to restart the level, but thankfully I at least had that. Every level is timed, resulting in a medal awarded to you based on the time, though you can opt to turn this off and play peacefully if you just want to solve puzzles and not get rated. You also have the ability to zoom in and out, and even switch over to a classic Sokoban top-down view, though I imagine this will be useless in most puzzles due to the multiple levels.

Overall, I really like what they did with the game. The humorous story and setting are very well done, and I love the art style. The game is riddled with bugs though, from the undo arrow one I mentioned above to various others. The whole game can also feel very unresponsive in general, and the controls could really use some more precision. I like that there are no virtual buttons, but the current method has its own flaws. The game is technically free, but you only actually get the first few levels. The full game and all the other game modes are unlocked through an in app purchase. Some people aren’t experiencing any glitches at all, so I’m going to recommend you try this one out, but be cautious about it and do some research first. It’s a really great game when it isn’t marred by technical difficulties. Check it out.