In the real-time strategy portion of the game, you start off in control of just one cell. The number listed on your cell is the number of troops that you have available. When the game officially starts, you’ll notice that your opponent has a cell with a number on it as well. Your goal is to eliminate your opponent by attacking his cells.

The object of the match three game type is to match three colors by swapping one with an adjacent one. The graphics, sounds, and gameplay of this app are really sub-par compared to many apps and didn’t offer an enjoyable experience. The one positive that I could muster from this app is the fact that it is essentially two games in one, but even that was nullified by the lackluster gameplay.

If you are looking for a fun app to play either of these game types, I would recommend spending a little more money and getting the real deal. There is a free version of this app available, so if you must see it, check that one out first.

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