For those of you unfamiliar with PewPew, it is a simple arcade shooter emulating the futuristic, glowing look of many popular titles in the genre. The game gives you two virtual joysticks to move and shoot with and then throws enemies at you.

This time around you will have plenty of game modes to keep you busy. Some game modes will toss enemies at you from every angle while others will challenge you to dodge enemies without the option of firing weapons. There is a new campaign mode which will pit you against the world with simple puzzles to solve, and some crazy boss fights. The campaign comes in three different difficulties so you will always have a challenge to play through.

Graphically, the game has only seen minor updates while the music features some new tracks. Overall, this game is essentially an expansion of the original and that is not a negative thing in any way. If you liked the Download the free Appolicious Android app