Android App Video Review: PewPew

Feb 18, 2011
Video Review

Arcade survival shooters have always been a favorite of mine, and they also have a history of doing well in the Android Market and on other platforms as well. Pew Pew is a simple arcade shooter emulating the futuristic, glowing look of many popular titles in the genre.

The game gives you two virtual joysticks and tosses you into one of four game modes. Depending on which game mode you select, you will need to shoot or dodge your way through the ever-growing number of enemies. Some enemies will explode while others will snake their way right into you. Throughout the levels random shield powerups will spawn giving you the chance to protect yourself against the mounting armies.

The controls worked really well on my device and the graphics looked very good. Considering the very cheap pricetag, this game might be a worthwhile purchase for you. Still, there are plenty of other games in the genre that have some obvious benefits as well. Check it out.

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Erik Fikkert

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