This is a simple arcade game in which you launch balls from the top of the screen. The space below you is littered with differently colored pegs, and the only way to win is to hit and eliminate every orange colored peg before running out of balls. There are also purple pegs that multiply your score, as well as green pegs which grant you special abilities to help you out. There is a helpful basket that slides along the bottom of the screen, and if you manage to sink your ball, you’ll get another ball free. The first time you complete a level and bear witness to the majestic sight that follows, you’re sure to be hooked.

Each group of levels has you working under a different professor of the Peggle Academy. You’ll work under a unicorn, alien, crab, cat, and much more. Each level has a very unique theme, and all the art assets, green peg power-ups, and sometimes even the level layouts themselves conform to said theme. Once you complete the main adventure mode, you’ll unlock special challenge levels. Any level can be played again from quick-play mode, of course, and you can face down other players, or just the computer, in the multiplayer Duel mode.

The game makes use of a wide variety of vibrant color palates, and the whole game is quite the feast for the eyes. The use of music to punctuate gameplay is also excellent. This is more than just an arcade game; it’s an experience. Definitely check it out if you have yet to play it, but definitely be careful before you download. Several devices are having terrible compatibility problems, so watch out. You can get yourself addicted for the low price of three dollars, and it’s definitely worth it.

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