It has been a long time since I have seen a horizontal shooter and this is quite possibly the first I have seen on a mobile phone. Overkill is a horizontal shooter that throws you into round after round of attacking ships, incoming asteroids, and strange alien spacecraft.

You are flying a ship that can be controlled either by touchscreen or tilting your device. As you fight through the rounds, you will need to make use of your three weapons. Your normal gun fires automatically and your rockets and heavy weapon need to be fired manually.

At the end of each round you can decide to spend the money you have earned on upgrades to the different categories. Each time you upgrade, your weapons will become stronger and recharge faster.

Overall the game didn’t feel too special but it definitely had its challenges. I was able to breeze through the first levels with no problem, but as you get deeper into the game they get much harder. It’s a fun game but a little too simple for my tastes. If you like survival shooters, you may think this game is enjoyable. Check it out.