The game takes place in the tyrannical world of baked goods. You are but a lowly gingerbread man, powerless to stop massive titans from burning your friends and family to death, only to eat them. But you’ve got a stronger survival instinct than most. You wait for your chance to make a break for it and try to escape. The auto-run gameplay involves jumping, sliding, and shimmying yourself across hanging objects while dodging obstacles and collecting an endless path of jellybeans. Within these jellybean chains are various letters that spell out the word ‘freedom,’ as well as super jellies, the currency of the game. Fully spelling out freedom will restore your extra life if you’ve died, and give you a big point bonus if you haven’t. There are multiple game modes which can all be unlocked with large sums of super jellies, and that’s where the problems begin.

The only way for you to get super jellies aside from in-app purchases is to fully complete a level. If you die before the end, they are all lost. Sounds kind of reasonable, but the game is way harder than it should be. Because the levels are completely randomized, following the jellybean trail often leads you to certain death. You have to forcibly train yourself to go against all your gamer instincts and NOT collect the candies. The first real level is also absurdly long and takes forever to complete, increasing your chances of dying. Of course, you can’t progress by winning. You have to win the same level a dozen times to even unlock the first extra game mode, let alone the other few.

The game looks and sounds great, and I really love the extremely morbid and highly amusing premise.  I can’t complain too much, considering the game is totally free to play, but just because it’s free to download doesn’t mean it’s free from criticism. The game is designed to be a potential money pit. It can still be enjoyable, but I’d recommend iRunner over this game any day. Either way, if you like one, you’ll probably like the other too, so feel free to check them both out.

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