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Mar 16, 2012

One Epic Game is a new auto-run platformer and the debut Android title from Grip Games. It has plenty of strong features, such as great art and music, but is it truly as epic as the name suggests? Well, no, not really. Some frustrating gameplay elements stand in the way of that, but it’s still definitely worth checking out if you’re a fan of simple and fun games.

So this game has a story of some kind, in which you have to stop an evil scientist from taking over the world and such, and I think time travel is involved. It’s totally over the top and ridiculous and it aims to be very funny. I thought the comedy was very hit and miss myself, but it was still mostly amusing. This is a simple two button game in which you jump and shoot while automatically running to the right. It’s essentially the same as Halfbrick Studio’s Monster Dash, but with more variety and less polish. There’s a huge variety to the locations and enemies, and you’ll have to contend with zombies, soldiers, knights, dragons, aliens, and much more.

One Epic Game Android App Review —

Today: A fairly Epic auto run platformer full of crazy nonsense! A review of One Epic Game by App: One Epic Game Price: Free The price depicted is at the time of this review, and could easily be changed.

The campaign mode which tells said crazy story takes you from one locale to the next, giving you different mission objectives along the way, usually just to run a certain distance or kill a certain number of enemies. The way is littered with collectibles, from score multipliers to jetpacks and loads of different weapons. You’re rewarded with coins for doing well, and they can be spent on new free run levels, special challenges, or on single level perks to help you out if you’re having a difficult time. Even in the campaign, levels are randomly generated. This leads to tons of frustrating gameplay. It’s way too easy to get messed up by an unexpectedly short platform or a bad enemy spawn. You’ll likely repeat some levels multiple times, and it makes it hard to save up coins at any decent rate. Of course, you can buy more coins in-app.

The art is a feast for the eyes, with tons of diverse and bold, brightly colored environments. The soundtrack is fantastic, and is indeed epic in nature. There are several in-game awards to go for, plus OpenFeint Leaderboard and Achievement support. There are some bugs and small annoyances, like the lack of a back button on certain screens, but they’re mostly minor. It’s definitely worth downloading and trying in the end, especially considering it’s completely free.

One Epic Game
One Epic Game
Developer: Grip Games
Price: Free


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