With games like Doodle Jump and many more casual apps topping the charts consistently, it comes as no surprise that the latest craze in games falls easily into the same category. NinJump is a free game created by the same group who brought us Paper Toss. But this time you won’t be wasting time throwing paper into baskets, you’ll be scaling walls and attacking other ninjas.

The game is laid out in a very similar format to other popular arcade games where your goal is to see how far into the game you can get. You are a ninja who is running up one of the highest buildings known to man and along the way you are being attacked by all kinds of creatures. If you get hit once by any of the objects or enemies, your game is over and you fall to your doom.

For a free game, NinJump was surprisingly fun and just like many of its type, it kept me coming for more and trying to beat my top score. Not to mention, it has ninjas in it which basically makes it a winner already.

Overall, the game is a great casual game to play through and will offer lots of fast-paced action. The app is available free in the Android Market, so definitely check it out.