How can an atom be evil? That’s a great question. Why would your first thoughts as a scientist be to shrink panda bears down to the same size to combat this evil? That is an equally valid question. It’s probably because you are the coolest scientist in the world… Or you just know that cute animals seem to dominate the sales charts for mobile gaming.

Regardless, the gameplay is awesome, and involves shooting pandas from little canon things. The really interesting stuff comes in when there are more two or more pandas on screen at any one time, as they are magnetically drawn towards each other. Using this information, you must launch the pandas with the correct timing to make them fly all over the screen, collecting stars for score, and destroying those malevolent atoms in order to win the level and move on. The level is surrounded by a wall of spikes that must be avoided, and eventually the game throws even more hazards your way.

As with most physics based games, it can be very difficult to accurately predict what will happen, especially when magnetism is involved. This can make many of the levels really frustrating. The button sensitivity needs to be raised as well. I would constantly have to tap a button 3 or 4 times in order to make it function. That didn’t really hinder gameplay though, and it’s still a really fun game. Also, as you can see, the same two achievements were constantly popping at the bottom of my screen. What’s up with that? No matter how you slice it though, this is a great app, and it’s only a dollar. You should definitely give these tiny foreign bears a home in your phone. Download the free Appolicious Android app