The Japanese culture dials up different flavors compared to the western hemisphere and to prove my point, just hop on YouTube. It only makes sense that one of the weirdest apps to hit Android comes from that side of the world as well. Must.Eat.Birds is a Japanese game that challenges the player to see how many birds they can eat in a period of time while also attempting to eat themselves.

If you think that sounds weird I’d say that’s pretty normal. In true Angry Birds style, you fling your character into the sky in hopes of catching some of the parachuting birds falling to the ground. As you do this, you are also able to bounce yourself off walls in hopes of getting more birds. The more birds you eat in rapid succession, the higher the score multiplier you will have. This isn’t much of a new concept but the gameplay was some of the smoothest I’ve seen on Android.

Still, once you figure out how to fling yourself off the walls, the game becomes extremely simple and repetitive. I suggest passing unless you love wacky randomness.