Those of you who keep up with the indie gaming “scene” will no doubt recognize this gameplay. It’s essentially the same exact game as Super Crate Box by Vlambeer Studios. Enemies rain down from the top of the screen. If they fall through the hole at the bottom, they loop around to the top again, only now they’re fast, angry, and on fire. Your goal in the game is not to kill things, but rather to collect as many of the muffins that appear randomly all over the level as possible before dying. Each time you obtain a muffin, you’ll switch to a different class with a different weapon. As you collect muffins and kill dudes, you’ll unlock new maps as well as upgrades to purchase with your level-up points. There is a multiplayer mode, though I wasn’t able to find a game whenever I tried, and OpenFeint leaderboards are supported for your competitive needs.

The game differs from Super Crate Box in a few ways, even though it’s the same fundamental game. The graphics have been completely overhauled and put into a stylized 3D fantasy environment. I’ll admit that I’m rather fond of all the hilarious costumes that you can play as; especially the unicorn with volatile rainbow number twos. The game also added the upgrading system, and even though most of the weapons are really functionally the same as Super Crate Box weapons, they have been tweaked to feel very different. This is an extremely well made game at the end of the day, just not very original. But as far as I know, Vlambeer has no plans to bring Super Crate Box to Android devices, just iOS ones. I’ll give this game a pass as long as anyone who downloads it goes to Vlambeer’s website and downloads Super Crate Box completely free. This is a three dollar app. Check it out.

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