Firefox 4 Mobile wants to bring the mobile web to Android users in a way that puts the webpage at center stage. All other features work around the webpage with the goal of making sure the content is king. This is done by removing any extra options from the main screen. Users can swipe to the right to show available tabs or to the left to bookmark a page.

Just like the PC version, users can also experience the Awesome Bar on their phone with the Awesome Page. This page gives users instant access to their history, bookmarks, and quick searches. The app also comes with Firefox Sync which, when enabled, will sync over your saved passwords, history, open tabs, and bookmarks without any extra fuss.

One issue I noticed right away with the browser is that it sometimes will only use the basic mobile version of a page instead of a smartphone version. This can be seen when viewing pages like Google Reader. Overall though, this app was well-designed and definitely worth looking into if you are looking for a new browsing experience. It’s free in the Android Market so check it out.

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