The game features all the standard elements that one would expect from a physics game: rag doll physics, crazy hills, and awkward control over turns. It puts the player in control of a motorbike enthusiast who traverses the hills as fast as possible. The thing that I did notice about this game is the amount of detail that went into the character and his bike. He definitely reacts and so does the bike to the intensity of the landing or the inevitable crash that is going to happen. That is one thing that stuck out over the rest of these games.

It was still plagued with sluggish movement, but I’ve learned to expect that from physics games. Perhaps the most disappointing part of this game is that it only has seven levels. This means in order to play the game, you can only pick from seven short levels to ride through, thus killing the replay value of this app.

Luckily enough, the price has been reduced and the developers promise to add more content in the future. Overall, it’s a fun little game but it doesn’t have enough features or content to keep me even the slightest bit interested. If you like physics games, this is one of the better ones. Just don’t expect a blockbuster hit. Check it out and see for yourself. Maybe you’ll just enjoy watching the guy pulverize his head over and over again.

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